Big Data Technologies Prize

Be part of an exciting data science challenge to help managing better the electricity distribution network by predicting power flows using multi-media spatiotemporal data.

Challenge Overview

Dear participants, welcome to the Big Data Prize! Assuming that you have successfully registered for the contest on the H2020 Participant Portal, we would like to provide you some useful information on the next steps of the procedure. For detailed instructions to participate please consult the Rules Of Contest. Opening date for the application submission: 26 February 2018. Closing date for the application submission: 12 April 2018 at 17:00:00 CET. The above dates apply to actions to be taken on the H2020 Participant Portal. During the application period, registered participants will be invited to access the Contest Platform, to be accessed on this page, for the purposes of testing their software. Should you have any question please write Thank you. The H2020 Big Data Prize Team

Big Data Technologies Horizon Prize

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